Learn Web for Business for Extra Income

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Why learn about web for business

  • Gain extra income online.
  • Own a website that you control instead of being at the mercy of third-party platforms like Facebook, Amazon, or Etsy.
  • Many online businesses require less investment upfront.
  • Be more self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Why learn about web from me?

I have diverse experience which allows me to teach about aspects of web launch and maintenance or online business that people with a narrow background often overlook. Other than creating websites, I've done SEO consulting, led client accounts as a marketing director, sold products online, and performed web analytics for clients.

[Some websites I've created]

Web Courses

Understand the Web for Your Online Business Pt 1 (free, coming soon)

Learn the foundation of how websites work so that you can 1. make better web decisions for your business and 2. communicate about web with confidence with your coworkers and partners.
This course is for current or prospective online business owners and marketers that have little technical expertise.

Create a Supercharged WordPress Site (coming soon)

Too many online resources on how to create a WordPress site rely on conveninence rather than performance. Create a professional-looking site that is packed with performance by following this tutorial.

Web Articles