How to pursue goals and not be attached to the outcome at the same time

For a long time, I was confused with conflicting advice.

You hear of so many entrepreneurs and leaders talk about how you have to work hard and be relentless in the pursuit of your goals.

You also hear of spiritual leaders like Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, and Michael Beckwith talk about the art of surrender. You have to let go to be truly free and to trust the universe that whatever you need, you will receive.

Is that a contradiction?

I finally got an answer today. And I got it from a place none other than my own website!

Funny how a lot of times, the insights we need are very close to us:

That’s the key.

You do your best work that’s within your control (with grace), and let go of things that are not.

Can you spend all your personal time doing email outreach? Yes.

Does that guarantee the response you want? No.

Will you feel discouraged? Probably. However, you learn as you go. Maybe the subject heading could be better. Maybe it isn’t the right timing. Maybe you’re just one email away from that partnership you’re pursuing.

What’s important is that you’re working towards something. And even if the outcome isn’t exactly what you intended, you now have more information at hand on what your next steps should be.

Being ambitious and calm at the same time may require some reminders:

Have faith that you’re worthy of making your intended impact, but let go of the hubris that you know exactly what’s good for you.

Keep the focus on the positive impact you’re making in this world, not on your ego.

Finally, embrace the uncertainty. That’s where some of the magic happens.