How to Make a Difficult Decision

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Decision making, along with motivation and time, has always been a fascinating subject matter to me. Here is my advice and guide for making difficult decisions:
    • Imagine what decision your role model would make.
    • Imagine what decision you as an older person would make.
    • Be honest to yourself. Write down how you feel. Create a list of pros and cons.

    • Take a step back. If possible, avoid making decisions when emotional or under lots of pressure. Go to a sauna, go hiking, running, or traveling- anything to make you feel relaxed and help you get a different perspective (the big picture).
    • Talking to family and friends helps, but make sure you always use their advice as reference. It’s more helpful to analyze the way you presented the problem to them after the conversation to have a better idea of how you feel about the problem (assuming that you were 100% honest with them.) The key is to still make your own decision, but after gathering other perspectives as well.
    • Adages are also only to be used as reference as well; no, money cannot buy you happiness, but perhaps it’s better to take a practical/ realistic approach for now. Forget about society, and just focus on what will make you happy with the long term in mind.
    • Don’t forget to think about the long-term results! If this issue won’t make a huge impact in the long term, don’t stress so much about it.
    • Your situation is not that bad- at least you have a decision to make. You have control.
    • Herodotus observed the following about the Persians: they deliberate their decision when they are drunk, and then when they are sober. If the decision taken during both states coincides, it is the right choice.