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Why learn Search Engine Optimization

  • Reach your visitors right when they're searching for something related to your offering.
  • People think that pages that rank high in search engines such as Google are due to merit, so they tend to trust them more.
  • Unlike traffic from ads, which disappears right away when you stop spending money, traffic from organic search results (=search results that are not from ads) are more constant.

Why learn SEO from me?

I've encountered so much inaccurate and outdated SEO advice and services during my career. Who you learn SEO from is extremely important. I have 7 years of experience + worked with the very best SEO minds in the world at top global marketing agencies while consulting for Fortune 500 companies + saw real results.

[Some SEO clients I've worked with]

In addition, I believe in a customized approach to learning SEO. If you're trying to learn SEO and it's boring or overwhelming, it's probably because you're learning from the wrong resource. I'm currently developing learning material for different people of different backgrounds, so make sure you sign up for my newsletter to stay updated. If you don't see anything of interest, email me, and let me know your SEO needs.

SEO Courses

SEO Course for Beginners (Coming soon)

For beginners that have little technical knowledge and find learning SEO overwhelming.


The Definitive Guide to SEO for Web Translation

This book teaches you how to execute SEO for web translation. When I published this in 2015, it was the only book I knew of that taught about how to integrate web translation and SEO.

SEO Articles

How to stay updated with SEO news (keeping up with Google in 2020)

For anyone interested in SEO, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with Google ranking algorithm changes. Google makes thousands of updates a year, and SEO publishers come out with new SEO articles every day. But the truth is, for most people doing SEO, you don’t have to carefully follow