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Lucky you for stumbling upon this page.

I will be launching SEO and other analytics and marketing courses, and you have the opportunity to join early. You’ll receive a massive discount, and also get more face time with me during the beta launch. That will be your reward for giving me some feedback as I enhance and improve the courses.

All SEO courses will start with a no obligation, free mini-course that provides a strong foundational understanding of SEO. 

3 reasons you should learn SEO with me

  • You want to learn the parts that move the needle rather than spending endless hours on lectures and theories
  • You want to take an SEO course tailored to your background and objective
  • You want to learn how to implement the recommendations, even the technical part

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But I’ve already taken SEO courses, and I still have no idea how to optimize a website.

But I have zero technical skills.

But I find learning SEO overwhelming.

But I’ve already tried doing SEO, and got zero results.

Why should I give SEO another chance, and why should I trust you?

Those are all good questions.

From doing SEO for over 30 websites, from Fortune 500 brands (automobile, telecom, etc) to local businesses, I’ve seen the same SEO issues over and over again, and saw myself regurgitating the same exact recommendations. I will include these issues in the course so that you don’t make the same common mistakes.

I am a web developer and owner of several websites, so I’m very aware of the cost-benefits of the recommendations. I will be transparent with you if a low impact item has a high level of effort. Many SEOs that have no coding knowledge pass on SEO best practices to clients with little consideration to their impact. Time is precious. I’m not going to spend too much time teaching you about low-impact items that don’t move the needle.

Being a developer also means that I can teach you how to implement many of the technical SEO recommendations.

I have diverse experience within digital marketing, including paid search, affiliate marketing, and social media. This wide range of experience helps me to keep an integrated approach to SEO.

To sum it up,

the SEO courses have real results to back up the recommendations, they provide honest insights, and they provide actionable tips for implementation.

[Some SEO clients I’ve worked with]

Now, I’m going to share a little story with you.

When I started my marketing career at two top marketing agencies, even though I quickly learned different SEO tactics, it took a couple of years for everything to come together and really click. Because of that experience, and also because I did not originally have a technical background, I have empathy for those who are just starting to learn SEO, and feel overwhelmed. (By the way, I’m also creating a separate course for tech-savvy people)

Therefore, I came up with a unique approach for building a strong foundation for understanding SEO before getting into any tactic. In this foundational mini-course, I put together the missing pieces that SEO beginners guides and courses I used when starting out my SEO journey lacked.

Did I mention I’m giving away this foundational content away for free?

SEO is easier than you think, and I’d love to guide you along the way.

I have seen and been involved in massive SEO successes, including helping to grow an ecommerce site that grew from a monthly 5 figure revenue to 8 figures.

Sign up below to get in on this opportunity to get more attention from me at a much lower cost before the seats fill up in the beta launch of the SEO courses.