Great Books

Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: Helps you to think big if you’re in marketing or business

The Checklist Manifesto: Sometimes we rely too much on our memory. By keeping a simple checklist, we can make sure the important things get done.

Angela’s Ashes: Best memoir I’ve ever read. Taught me that you can mix humor into bleak stories.

Free Classes

edX: Online classes from leading universities

freeCodeCamp: Learn to code and gain experience by coding for nonprofits

Udacity: Best intro to Python class I’ve seen

Browser Extensions

Redirect Path: Checks HTTP status codes and redirects. Developed by former employer

ColorZilla: Color picker. Handy for web design.

Wappalyzer: Uncover technologies used for websites

Other Cool Tools

Essential Goods: Monitor online stock levels of essential products and receive a SMS text alert when the item you need is in stock.

Study/Work Music

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