Best work from home productivity tip

I’ve been working remotely from home for over a year now. The first boost in productivity came from having a dedicated workspace. The second boost came from an unexpected source.. having a dog. If anything, I thought it’d hurt my productivity to have a dog, because of the additional time and energy they require. However, now that I think about it, my pug, Aji, actually helped me to be more productive than ever. Let me explain.

Train your dog to wake up when you want to start your day

In my previous post, in which I talk about how to wake up early, I mention how Aji thinks it’s breakfast time as soon as the alarm goes off. He won’t go back to sleep until he gets his meal. You could also make it a morning ritual to take your dog out for a walk to make sure you stay awake.

Force yourself to get some fresh air

Seeing fat dogs makes me sad. Unless the dog has health problems preventing it from getting exercise, as an owner, you have a duty to keep it healthy and happy. People often comment on how Aji is the fittest pug they have ever seen. All it takes is an hour walk a day. I’ll take him out three or four times a day, and it forces me to take healthy breaks away from the computer and to get fresh air and some sun. Also, while I’m walking Aji, I listen to podcasts- mainly those related to marketing and online businesses- which keeps me motivated and up-to-date.

It’s nice to have a companion

Being in a good mood helps me be productive. Also, I prefer to work from home rather than working from a coworking space because it’s so comfortable. I can go get my fleece blanket for my lap, I can listen to music as loud as I want, I can switch over from working from my chair to my standing desk as many times as I want without bothering anyone, I can walk right over to my fridge to eat whenever I want, I can take calls whenever I want, I can take a short break and light an incense stick and meditate whenever I want. etc etc But as much freedom working from home provides me, I think I’d go insane if I were to do it every day without having Aji as a companion.

My pride and joy