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Productivity Articles

Best work from home productivity tip

I’ve been working remotely from home for over a year now. The first boost in productivity came from having a dedicated workspace. The second boost came from an unexpected source.. having a dog. If anything, I thought it’d hurt my productivity to have a dog, because of the additional time

How to be productive when tired

Before I get into the tips, rule number one: get the most important/ challenging tasks completed early in the day whenever possible. Moments with few distractions and high energy level should be fiercely guarded and reserved for tasks that require lots of focus. My productivity has increased dramatically since I became a morning person because I get so much work done between 8-10AM.

Apps for productivity – how to automate tasks

We’re living in a world with self-driving cars and 3D-printed houses. Are you still manually creating invoices and copy-pasting items to create logs? Writing scripts to automate tasks requires programming knowledge, but thankfully, there are three super easy to use automation tools that will save you a lot of time