Learn how to create a professional website, finally.

How to create a website 

Have you always wanted to learn how to create your own website?

But you’re not sure how you would create one like a pro.

How to create great user experience? How to make it look professional? How to maintain the site? How to add advanced functionalities? All of this can easily get overwhelming.

With this course, you’ll learn how to do all of the above and more in a short amount of time.

Learn how to create a website your own way while being guided by a pro.

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When it comes to website creation, you have 2 options..

#1. Hire someone to create it for you

Obviously, this is the easier option. However, there’s always the risk that you’ll be disappointed with the final product (unless you have a huge budget and can afford lots of edits). I’ve seen this happen many times, even with bigger brands with bigger budgets. 

Also, what about depending on someone else to make updates to the website? You may want to do a web refresh later down the road or add functionalities and integrations. Relying on someone to do these things can slow things down or add unexpected costs.

#2. Create the site yourself

If you want to be in control, this is the better option. After all, the vision for your brand and website comes from you.

Also, how nice would it be to be able to make changes to the website whenever you want? And save lots of money since you’re doing it yourself?

But then of course, the risk of creating your own site is that it ends up looking amateurish, and worse, has a bunch of errors and security vulnerabilities.

Well, here’s an easy solution. I’ll guide you through the process of creating and maintaining the website.

I know how to set up a website. I know so many web solutions and their prices and features. I know which ones are great and which ones are awful. I know web maintenance. I know web optimization.

And I’m handing you all of my knowledge acquired from working with more than 50 client websites + a few of my own.

Main features of this course

✔ Learn to launch a WordPress site from start to finish so that

  • You are 100% the owner of your own website
  • The website is fully customizable
  • You can easily create new pages and posts with no technical background
  • You can add functionalities unique to your offerings at an affordable cost (ecommerce, booking appointments, upselling, user interactions, etc)

✔ Learn how to make your website look professional, beautiful, and user-friendly whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

✔ Set up the right user experience to meet the goals for your website.

✔ Create a professional email address rather than using Gmail or Yahoo for business.

✔ Gain a broad overview of web optimization: UX, SEO, copywriting, dev and more

✔ Set up web analytics and site maintenance.

✔ Learn about WordPress security.

✔ Be equipped with resources for advanced web development.

✔ Learn alongside other students for accountability, feedback, and new connections.

✔ Lots of bonuses like my favorite tools and resources for web development and content creation.

Common questions

Are you the right person for this course?

This course is for you if you have no technical background, and have no interest in learning how to create a website from scratch. You’re busy, and you want to get a website up quickly while learning the basics of user experience, security, copywriting, and more. 

What results will I get?

You will have a brand new professional website at the end of this course, whether it’s for your company or your personal brand. You will also be equipped with knowledge and tools to update, enhance (including e-commerce, appointment booking, etc), and maintain the website.

Why should I learn from you?

There are very few people that are experts in both web development and digital marketing. I know full stack web development, and I’ve also managed digital campaigns as an in-house marketing manager and agency-side marketing director. My well-rounded experience will help you to choose the right products to get the most bang for your buck, as well as to help you gain a broader perspective of how the website fits with your business objective and helps your audience.

Also, I acquired my technical skills after college. I still remember how confusing everything was when I was first setting up my site. This is the course I wish I could’ve taken back then.

What will I use to create a website?

We’ll use WordPress. Here’s an article I wrote on why it’s the best solution for most people: Why WordPress?

What kind of support and resources will I get?

You will be provided with step-by-step video tutorials, articles, worksheets, an online forum with fellow students, and more. If you take this class with a cohort (you will have the option to choose during the signup), you will have extra accountability as you will get additional support with students and myself as we go through the course material together at the same time. We’ll also have a little competition for the best website that’s created.

What time commitment is required?

If you sign up for the cohort option, this course runs for 3 weeks. Set aside about an hour a day on weekdays. You’ll have the weekend to catch up on the previous week.

If you sign up for the self-paced option, expect to spend at minimum 15 hours total.

Course curriculum

0: Warmup0What is a website? | How to prepare for this course
1: Installation and planning1The purpose and mission of your site
 2Set up the domain and server
 3How to write copy for people and search engines
 4How to create great user experience
 5Set up a professional email account
2: Website launch6An overview of WordPress
 7Learn HTML basics, the backbone of your website
 8Learn CSS basics to make design edits
 9Set up and design the website #1
 10Set up and design the website #2
3: Optimization and analytics11How to add advanced functionalities to your site
 12How to maintain your site and keep it secure
 13How to see site traffic and web performance data
 14Page speed optimization, mobile optimization
 15Digital marketing basics for more traffic and sales