How to translate a website

If you would like to reach new audiences and get more visitors by creating multilingual versions of your website, I highly recommend Weglot. I’ve used multiple translation solutions for websites throughout my career as a web developer, SEO consultant, and translation project manager, and I have to say I’m really

Why use WordPress? Top benefits for business owners

How popular is WordPress? WordPress powers a third of the web according to their own statistics. Although many are aware that WordPress is a great Content Management System (CMS) for bloggers, many aren’t aware that it powers lots of websites created for large companies and organizations like the White House,

Website content checklist for bloggers and online publishers

Your new article has been proofread and polished, so it’s now finally ready to be published. Or is it? If your ultimate goal for your new post is to solely present information to the wider public, you can ignore this article. However, beyond that, if you also want to build

How to stay updated with SEO news (keeping up with Google in 2020)

For anyone interested in SEO, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with Google ranking algorithm changes. Google makes thousands of updates a year, and SEO publishers come out with new SEO articles every day. But the truth is, for most people doing SEO, you don’t have to carefully follow

Apps for productivity – how to automate tasks

We’re living in a world with self-driving cars and 3D-printed houses. Are you still manually creating invoices and copy-pasting items to create logs? Writing scripts to automate tasks requires programming knowledge, but thankfully, there are three super easy to use automation tools that will save you a lot of time