Why Travel

Image from plane

Traveling helps me stay creative.

My mind becomes stagnant if my body is stagnant. After traveling, you notice that everything around you are manifestations of systems and products and culture created by others, e.g., the width of sidewalks, number of standard meals a day and their portions, tipping and pricing, decency, courtesy, and beauty. The ability to recognize the status quo and the potential keeps me creative.

Traveling made me realize what I need to be happy.

Relationships with great people, health, and money always give me utility. The physical things, when not in use, are baggage.

Travel elongates your life.

All the days that you spend in the same physical places doing the same thing will blend in your memory. Traveling helps you to evolve and learn much more quickly– it allows you to gain insights about life that you discover for yourself, such as this one:

I was happy to believe in it, for this is what travel is too: a kind of childlike wonder — and this sort of woozy love that doesn’t contemplate loss — that, when pushed further, becomes life again. There you are, with all your familiar dreams and conflicts, the constant skirmishes between frustration and transcendence, your best and worst selves. However far you go, there you are, with your same fear of mortality, and this deep desire to hold on to your kids forever.