Why Lagos is an Underrated Travel Destination

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Portugal itself is quite underrated as a travel destination. It’s similar to Spain, although it feels more subdued. Things move even more slowly. Everything is cheaper, and there are notably less tourists. The food is more flavorful, and its portions are more generous. If you’re in Europe, and want to see spectacular beaches, one next to the other, that aren’t saturated with tourists, I highly recommend Lagos, Portugal. If you’re up for a nice two hour walk along the cliffs on the coast, you can start from Praia da Batata, and pass beautiful beaches such as Praia Dona Ana, Praia Pinhão, Praia do Camilo, until you reach Ponta da Piedade, where there is a lighthouse. Photo_Batata Beach Praia da Batata has to be the most beautiful beach I’ve seen that’s right in the city center.

Photo_Praia_do_Pinhão You can see that the beach was empty although this was in early August. Photo_Hidden Beach in Lagos One of the small, hidden beaches accessible only by water that we passed by. Photo_Camilo Beach Cliff over Camilo Beach Photo_Port de Mos Beach Stairway to paradise Photo_Sea Formation Porto de Mós Beach When I saw this, I just stood there, unable to look at anything else. The water was ice cold, but so clean, transparent, and serene. Photo_Cliff Porto de Mos Beach Cliff over Praia do Porto de Mós. Photo_Diver in Lagos Octopus hunter/ diver We took the shortcut back to the city center, which took less than half an hour. There were old tiled buildings and cobblestones, which you’ll see everywhere in Portugal. Photo_Green Tiled Building in Lagos Photo_Orange Tiled Building in Lagos Photo_Lagos City Center You can see the influence of Islamic architecture in many parts of Portugal. Photo_Igreja de Santo Antonio in Lagos, Portugal Santo Antonio Church in Lagos, Portugal. Photo_Mercado Africa Market “Mercado Africa Market,” near the bus station. Photo_Port at Bensafrim River Photo_Old Couple at Rio Bensafrim The port at the Bensafrim River.