Why I Don’t Like Meeting New People

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Every time I meet someone new, it’s the same script over and over again.

A: Where are you from? Me: Korea A: North or South?

A: Where are you from?
Me: I was born in Seoul.
A: You speak good English.. Where did you learn it?
Me: I lived in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Boston..
A: Ah, military family?
Me: No. A: Where did you just move to New York from?
Me: Barcelona
A: Were you studying there?
Me: No, I was working.
A: Doing what?
Me: Project management.
A: What industry?
Me: Translation and localization.
A: Ah.. So you were translating between English, Korean, and Spanish?
Me: I wasn’t translating.
A: Didn’t you just say you were working in the translation industry?
Me: Yes, but I was doing project management.

In Spain, I was annoyed at how people would just look at my face and assume that I was a Chinese immigrant working at a restaurant or store. (In Spain, when I said I lived in Pennsylvania, I was once asked if I saw “the Draculas” in Transylvania.. now that was a first!) Now I’m tired of repeating myself over and over, answering the same questions. HAHA. Oh, the irony..

2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Meeting New People”

  1. That’s amusing. I would myself add A:Why do you have a German last name? (although that’s admittedly not very realistic, since people don’t introduce themselves using last names, but let’s assume they did).

  2. I actually don’t get that question often. Maybe people assume that I was adopted. The question I do get a lot is “what’s your real name?” No, it really is Jennifer. “But you must have a Korean name as well.” No, I don’t. My birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license all say Jennifer on it.. What more do you want??! Hehe.. Anyway, to answer your question, my grandfather was German.

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