Why God Doesn’t Directly Communicate With Us Anymore

Here is Matthew Alper’s (indirect) answer to my question from my last post, “What Would You Ask Elie Wiesel” :

Why was the past so replete with divine interventions while the
present contained none? When was the last time the church had
sanctioned or endorsed a miracle? …. Now with the advent of
scientific culture, if a person were to claim to have witnessed a
miracle, he would have to be able to prove it. No longer could any
drunk, charlatan, or schizophrenic walk ito town claiming to have
beheld some miracle of God without having to answer to a body of
scientific culture…

2 thoughts on “Why God Doesn’t Directly Communicate With Us Anymore”

  1. Miracles happen every day. There’s just so many now that people aren’t in awe of them compared to when it happened scarcely. People take advantage of miracles in modern day society.

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