What Makes Me Feel Older

If you have read my last post, you will know that I recently became a year older (just like you).
I remember telling my friends once that I felt older when I realized that I preferred shopping for groceries to clothes. I thought that it would be fun to expand that list..

What Makes Me Feel Older

  1. I now prefer shopping for groceries to clothes.

  2. Just yesterday, some of my students at Casas Ibáñez received worksheets for technology class. On it were the words “cassette player” along with a picture. One student asked, “Oh.. cassette tapes are those things that they used to use to listen to music, right?” I couldn’t stop laughing.

*I remember my first Walkman when I was nine, and how I used to argue that the plural form is Walkmans, not Walkmen!

  1. I now understand how some broke people can spend all of their money on alcohol. Wait! I never said that I condone it.

  2. When you feel gross, hungry, and sleepy at the same time you should do the following things in this order: sleep, take a shower, then eat. This is an example of little things I learned along the way.

  3. When I read Invisible Man in high school, I remember that I did not understand the part where someone says, “Son, if you don’t become bitter, nothing can stop you from success. Remember that.” I even remember feeling a bit uncomfortable because I didn’t understand what he meant despite the simplicity of the language. I now take these words to heart.