Ten Favorite Spanish Words

  1. Manzana: It`s more commonly used to signify “apple,” but Spaniards also use it to signify “block,” as in a street block. Imagine saying “walk two apples, take a left, walk three more apples, and you’ll arrive at the deli.”

  2. Murciélago: The famous Lamborghini sports car is named after the Spanish word for “bat.” *Correction: Most Lamborghini cars are named after Spanish bulls. Murciélago was actually the name of one fighting bull.

  3. Deslucir: Apparently, Spaniards do not use this word often (maybe in Latin America?), but it means “to spoil,” or “to tarnish.” Luz, the Spanish word for “light,” is derived from the Latin word lux. Hence the name Lucifer. How poetic is the word “deslucir,” which I assume literally means “to take the light away from.”

  4. Culebra: Snake. So, speaking of the devil.. haha. I love how the word can be figurative in both English and Spanish. In English, you start the word by imitating the sound that snakes make. In Spanish, your tongue moves back and forth; it goes to the front for the “l,” and then to the back for the “r.”

  5. Hipo: Hiccup. Sounds just like it. (“H’s” are silent in Spanish, so it sounds like eepo, with an unaspirated “p.”)

  6. Exigir: To demand or require. I don’t know why, but the word just looks magical when written in my handwriting. Maybe because it looks like Elixir?

  7. Resplandecer: To shine. The word just looks majestic and grandiose, and is easy to mentally connect to the actual meaning.

  8. Lloviznando: Drizzling. I love saying this word, although I prefer the Spanish pronunciation with the lisp for the “z.”

  9. Capucha: Hood, as in what you see on a sweatshirt. The word just sounds bad.

  10. Momentáneamente: Momentarily. The word itself is a tongue twister, or a trabalengua, another Spanish word that I like.

  • Honorable mention: Chulísimo. I wanted exactly 10 words! Anyway, you say “chulo” when something is cool, and “chulísimo,” when something is really cool. I love the word every time I hear it.

3 thoughts on “Ten Favorite Spanish Words”

    • Expontaneamente
    • Frecuentemente
    • Extremadamente
    • Chulisimo = Chevere (South America), Mostro (Peru), Alucinante (Peru), Padrisimo (Mexico)

  2. 1. Noooo. I don’t like ferrocarril because I still haven’t mastered rolling my “r’s.” heheh. I will admit that it sounds fun and exotic.

    2. I have never heard the word “extremadamente.” Learned something new today!

    3. I’ve heard Melody and your sister say the word “chevere” many times. lol

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