Surprising Similarities between the Spaniards and Koreans

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  1. 99% of guys are mama’s boys.
  2. They live with their parents until they have their own kids.
  3. Easily impressed and generous with compliments.
  4. They’re very observant. It’s impossible to hide anything from them (any emotion, weight gain/loss, etc).
  5. Street vendors sell roasted chestnuts, corn, and sweet potatoes in the fall/winter. Yum!
  6. Like garlic, and don’t mind the smell of it.
  7. They now realize the importance of marketing; French brands (wine, cheese, tourism) overshadow Spanish brands even though the quality is similar, and Japanese products are better known than Korean products (ginseng vs insam, kimono vs hanbok, mochi vs dduk), although the latter are becoming better known recently (Taekwondo, Samsung, LG, etc).
  8. Must be a bit daring to cross the street in big cities in Spain and Korea, even if it’s your green light. If you stand on the curb, waiting for the cars to stop, you will never be able to cross.
  9. Most spend 10+ years studying English, yet they can’t speak a word of it.
  10. Families include third cousins once removed- holidays are never boring.

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