Snowboarding in the Pyrenees

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Well.. not exactly. Here’s the story: Elodie and I waited at the Madrid Barajas Airport for about 12 hours because our flight was delayed. We were flying with Easyjet, and there were weather problems in London. Apparently the way that Easyjet works is that a pilot flies to, lets say London, and then another one gets on from there and flies the plane to Munich, and then from there, another pilot flies the plane to Athens, and so on and so forth.

Saint Pierre Bridge over Garonne River
Saint Pierre Bridge over Garonne River
View of Toulous From a Hill
View of Toulouse from a hill
While we were drinking wine and eating walnuts, we saw this figure above our heads.
Cat on the Roof
Turns out, it was a cat running back and forth the ceiling.
Langon Village
One of the villages near Langon

Therefore, the weather conditions in London caused many delays for the subsequent flights, including ours. We arrived at Toulouse, France much later than expected. Therefore, we went to the Pyrenees a bit later than we planned. However, I had a great time at Toulouse. Bruce, Elodie’s aunt’s boyfriend, showed us around the Airbus factories, and the city center. He explained to us that Airbus and the University of Toulouse have a great presence in the city. The bridges and the Saint Sernin Basilica were particularly impressive, but I did not get good pictures because it was too dark.

The next day we used Covoiturage to go to Langon, where Elodie’s father picked us up. He drove us around the charming villages, with their castles and medieval architecture and endless vineyards. We also stopped at a bodega which had an outdoor patio for wine tasting. There, I had the best white wine I had in my life called Chateau Crabitan-Bellevue Saint-Croix-du-Mont. I didn’t write down the year it was made.

To be continued..

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