Pictures from Granada pt. I

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Granada is an interesting city.
You will see Goths, tourists, potheads, musicians, and businessmen all walking down the same street.
The architecture there is also diverse and intriguing; it has been influenced by Jews, Christians, and especially the Moors.

The Moorish rule in Granada lasted for seven centuries, and left behind the most beautiful monuments I have seen in my life. I doubt I will ever see such architectural design as I did at the Alhambra and Generalife, in which most of its monuments were built in the 14th century. The following pictures were taken from this Complex.

Granada_Alhambra in the Fall

Alhambra Gerneralife

Alhambra Court of the Lions

Granada Court of the Lions II

Alhambra Inside the Court of the Lions

Granada Court of the Lions Ceiling

Alhambra Court of the Lions Wall

Alhambra View from Generalife

Alhambra View from Generalife II

Alhambra View from Generalife III

Alhambra Complex_Intricate Carvings

Alhambra_Door Handle

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  1. Your photos are incredible…reminds me that I really need to take advantage of my time here and see more parts of Spain! Do you have a picasa account as well?

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