My Jamaica Trip: Day 4

Day 4 June 11th 2013- Runaway Bay Discovery Bay Margaritaville It was our last full day in Jamaica. Tiffany and I wanted to head back to Kingston since we missed the Bob Marley museum and the main parts of the Devon House. However, we found out that the taxi would cost us $100 a person. How about we go to Nine Mile, Bob Marley’s hometown, instead? The cab ride there was expensive as well (view my post about how taxis in Jamaica work), so we decided to explore Runaway Bay.

The cab driver drove us through Runaway Bay, a pretty little town near our resort, and let us off at Scotchie’s, a well-known bar/restaurant that has great jerk chicken and a beautiful view of the Caribbean. They ran out of breadfruit, so I ordered bammies on the side. Bammy is a flatbread made of cassava flour- it goes great with jerk chicken and Red Stripe.

Great view of the Caribbean from where we were seated

Panoramic view of the Caribbean from Scotchies

Panoramic view of the sea from my table at Scotchies

Scotchies Restaurant

Cool tables and chairs at Scotchies. After eating our lunch, we walked over to an adjacent park at Discovery Bay.

Columbus Park in Discovery Bay

Apparently this is where Christopher Columbus landed when he discovered Jamaica, hence the name.

Columbus Park at Discovery Bay

The entrance to the park is free and open to the public. It carries artifacts such as canoes and sugar cane mills.

Sugar cane discovered by Christopher Columbus

I was surprised to learn that sugar wasn’t introduced to the New World until 1493. When we returned to the resort, I got into my swimsuit and went straight to the beach.

Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset

Sunset over the Caribbean

Sunset over the Caribbean

Grand Principe Bahia Resort in Ocho Rios

Our resort at dusk At 11 pm, we went over to Margaritaville, a club half an hour away from the resort. It was packed with obnoxious tourists, and the music was quite bad (they played “Crazy in love,” “the Cupid Shuffle,” and “Yeah”) but later around 1 am, the tourists left and the DJ played better music, although I couldn’t really hear it because he was talking so much.