Cuenca and Ciudad Encantada

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On a lovely, drizzly Sunday afternoon, I went to Cuenca and Ciudad Encantada with Anais, Elodie, and Lee, some of the closest friends I have here in Spain. The two cities are very close to each other, so I recommend going to both if you ever plan on going there.

I felt so European riding in the back of a old, red Peugeot 205, and listening to my two friends talk in French. Two hours later, we arrived at Ciudad Encantada, or the Enchanted City, which has an interesting landscape due to erosion. The Júcar River, which no longer extends to the region, left behind tall rock formations that look like mushrooms.

Cuenca is beautiful because of its architecture. It is probably best known for the Casas Colgadas, or the Hanging Houses. We arrived there too late for the museum, but I didn’t mind too much because the night view was amazing. The Casa Colgada, which used to be a house is now a modern art museum. When we returned to Albacete at 10 p.m., I was tired, but Foosball at Imaginalia woke me right up! I sure am not ambidextrous.

Attached are some pictures I took from the two cities.

Ciudad Encantada

Ciudad Encantada_Entrada

Cuenca Taken From Car

Cuenca_St Paul Monastery

Cuenca at Night

Cuenca Streetlights

Casa Colgada at Night

Casa Colgada at Night 2


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    • I could be wrong, but I think the architect himself used to live there. It has since been converted to the Abstract Arts Museum that we missed.

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