Why I Binge Social Media

We have a label for food with empty calories that can satisfy our hunger without nourishing our bodies. It’s called junk food.

We don’t really have a label for sensory inputs with mindless information that do little to nourish our minds. I’ll call them junk info streams.

Relatively speaking, I seldom use social media. But when I’m on it, I binge.

The first couple of minutes are great. I usually get the most relevant posts, and I go on a liking spree. A great shot of a sunset at a beach. A hilarious video of a celebrity dancing. A picture of my friend kneeling and proposing to his now fiancé. A post with a link to an article about the Rockefellers vs Exxon and climate change (link here). But then, as I keep scrolling, it gets less and less interesting; I keep scrolling anyway. I feel guilty, but I tell myself thank god I don’t watch TV or porn, because if I did, there’s no way I’d be a functioning adult. With moderation, spending time on social media is also helpful for my digital marketing career since I strategize Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for my clients.

Now I get to the posts of random people drinking something bubbly on a private jet. Have you heard that you can now pay someone to take pictures on a private jet that doesn’t take you anywhere? What a great business idea. Keep your private jet parked somewhere, and charge money to people that want to stage their life.

Now I’m seeing a post of a girl that’s barely clothed, lying in her bed, and looking seductively into the camera. Apparently having random (and often creepy) men ogle her body parts makes her feel empowered.

There are posts here and there that I really like. Posts that get me thinking. Posts that provide informational news. Posts that inspire. Posts that make me laugh. Posts that make me feel nostalgic. And I keep scrolling and scrolling. Even though most are pure garbage. Pure junk.

That’s why I don’t do social media everyday. I’ll get on it once a while when I get a notification or when I post something, and then I binge.

Because how hard is it to eat just three pieces of popcorn when you got a whole bag in front of you.